Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Biru dan Merah

Biru itu raja.
Merah itu permaisuri.


Raja itu merah.
Permaisuri itu biru.

Si merah.

Sentiasa ada.
Walau kadang roh cuma.

Si biru.

Sentiasa menempel.
Walau kadang jasad sahaja.

Yang merah.

Penyokong setia.
Menahan segala.

Yang biru.

Penjejak tegar.
Mengaut semua.

Bila tiada sang merah,

kus semangatnya.

Bila tiada sang biru,

longlai langkahnya.

Okay dah tak tahu nak bermadah.

The point is, gue rindu serindu rindunya by Spoon. Kbai.

Friday, 12 September 2014


Nukilan ketika emo.

Bila terbiasa dekat.
Bila terbiasa bersama.
Bila terbiasa dilayan.
Bila terbiasa dimanja.

Bila tersedar jauh.
Bila tersedar terpisah.
Bila tersedar keseorangan.
Bila tersedar sendiri.

Gundah. Gulana.
Sedih. Sayu.

Si pelahap Subway footlong pun boleh tak habis separuh 6 inch.
Si pelahap unta pun boleh jadi tiada selera.

Si workaholic pun boleh buat kerja tak menjadi.
Si enthusiastic pun boleh jadi lemah semangat.


Thursday, 11 September 2014

I'm A Cancer Survivor! :)

"Very good, Farah! All cleared. See you in 4 months just for regular check up."

This is how I feel.
Eventhough I still have check ups and precautions to take,
it's a huge relief for me for now.

I am thankful and grateful.
To Allah SWT,
lovely husband,
and friends.

I love you all. ♥ :)

Monday, 8 September 2014

ShawlsToLove for La Kayena

I'm nervous and excited at the same time.
My first collaboration with La Kayena (
by Maria Elena (
I name it ShawlsToLove for La Kayena project.
Introducing the Safeeya Shawl collection.
So yeah, pray for us. :)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Kolej Komuniti Jasin Melaka

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera. *sapu habuk jap* Maaf dah lama tak update due to workloads. Bila ada kesempatan ni, I really need to update at least one post sebab ada yang dah berbunyi tentang ketebalan sawang di muka blog ini. Hehe. :P

Well, I have lots to update actually tapi I would wanna share on me being a lecturer at Kolej Komuniti Jasin Melaka first. Why? Because I'm going through a new phase in life over there (coz I'm in KL right now) and the new experience is very different from what I did before. It's only 2 months and I enjoyed the journey for now. Well, some people have questions. They always ask the question of why. So, here's my answers to the FAQs. :)

1. Why do you change on what you do for a living?
Well, I don't change on what I'm doing for a living. The fashion and entrepreneurship industries are what I get involved into during my study years and I love involving in it so much even until to this very second. It's just that I was under a scholarship during my study years and I got called to serve the government as per the agreement contract.

2. What do you actually do now?
I'm a full time lecturer mainly teaching English subject. I do teach other subjects under the general studies unit too. I also like to da'wah in my own way. So, I guess this is Allah's way of giving me the opportunity for what I wanted to do before. Besides that, I always have my own mission to help the nation. Allah has the best plan for me. He sent me to a place where I can literally help our anak bangsa in lots of ways. May Allah ease my journey here. I wouldn't wanna elaborate more on this because I really don't know what will happen yet but if I ever get the outcome, I will actually reflect and share the beauty of it with you.

3. So you totally quit your business?
I wouldn't say I quit because I'm actually working on a project right now. Even though the progress is rather slow but I will make sure to make it happen. What project? You'll see so stay tuned.

4. Is Kolej Komuniti Jasin Melaka a private college?
No, it's a government learning institution just as other IPTAs under the Ministry of Education Malaysia. You can even apply to community colleges through UPU. But most people are not aware of our existence yet. For your information, we have over 90 community colleges all over Malaysia. It has been over 10 years since the first one was built.

5. What courses are offered in community colleges?
It depends on the community colleges. As for Kolej Komuniti Jasin Melaka, we offer you 4 courses which are Sijil Multimedia Kreatif Pengiklanan, Sijil Sistem Komputer dan Sokongan, Sijil Pelukis Pelan Senibina dan Sijil Akauntasi. There are 3 semesters in 1 year and the courses offered requires the students to complete their courses within 4 semesters. Some community colleges even have Diploma courses.

6. Who can enter community colleges?
Any Malaysian citizen who passes SPM regardless of age, whether it's 18 or even 45. Occasionally, we also offer a special program for any Malaysian citizen who did not pass the SPM to undergo a 2-month course in order to enable them to further their study to the next level (certificate).

7. After the students have finished their study, where can they go?
They can always further their study to the next level. Diploma -> Degree -> Masters Degree -> PhD. Just as the others. Or they can even work. In community colleges, we focus more on skills rather than philosophical  or theoretical approach.

Okay, enough on the FAQs. As I go along my life with Kolej Komuniti Jasin Melaka, I will update you on what's happening now and then. I do update frequently via Instagram. So follow me if you feel this blogpost is not enough (perasan). Before I end this post, feel free to browse around the web of Kolej Komuniti Jasin Melaka ( LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Twitter. Thank you. :)

P/S : Ambassador sangat. :P

Anda lepasan SPM? Masih belum menyambung pengajian di mana-mana? Jangan risau, kami telah menyediakan peluang masa depan yang cerah khas buat anda.
Pra Persediaan Sijil Pengoperasian Perniagaan selama 3 bulan, satu inisiatif khas telah diwujudkan untuk merealisasikan impian masa depan anda. 
Kepada yang berminat boleh menghubungi terus Kolej ini melalui pegawai seperti yang tertera di paparan iklan yang disertakan. 
Jom daftar sekarang. Kehadiran anda amat dialu-alukan.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Perkampungan Ikan Bakar Terapung Umbai

Okay, ini cerita masa gue mula-mula dapat khabar berita kena laporkan diri di Kolej Komuniti Jasin, Melaka bulan lepas. Weekend sebelum kena lapor diri tu gue dan si dia pun pergi lah Melaka untuk mencari tempat berteduh dan kenal pasti abang atau kakak kawasan yang available. On the way to tempat kejadian, gue noticed banyak medan ikan bakar. Gue pun meleleh lah air liur lalu teringat member gue ada pernah sebut pasal Umbai. So, gue pergilah yang terapung punya tu. Masa pergi tu kawasan dia besar tapi yang buka kedai cuma 2 sahaja. Satu yang dekat entrance, satu lagi kat hujung belah sana. Disebabkan yang dekat entrance tu ramai, gue pun pergilah yang dekat belah hujung sana. Lapo lah katakan. Tak sabau, bak kata orang Melaka. Hehe.

Nama kedai yang gue pergi tu was Sempoi kot? Tak ingat dah. Gue pun order lah;
- Seekor ikan siakap bersaiz sederhana (separuh bakar berlada and separuh masak 3 rasa)
- Seekor sotong digoreng tepung
- Sebiji kelapa untuk diminum airnya
- Segelas fresh orange
- Sepinggan nasi putih
- Sebungkus nasi lemak

Masakannya sedap tapi tidaklah seperti yang dibayangkan. Sebab ramai bagi feedback macam terlalu sedap. Gue tak kecewa tapi gue anggap perkara ini seperti indah khabar dari rupa. Selepas sendawa kekenyangan, si dia pergi membayar hidangan yang telah dilahap. Semuanya RM53++. Untuk first timer macam gue time tu, agak okay lah kut? Tetapi setelah sebulan bermastautin di sini, baru gue tahu yang gue pergi salah tempat dan harga yang dibayar agak mahal berbanding experience gue makan di medan ikan bakar yang lain. Tidak mengapa. Salah seorang pelajar gue ada beritahu medan ikan bakar yang best di Alai. Seperti yang direkomen oleh makcik gue. Gue juga baru tahu tempat yang orang sebut best sangat di Umbai tu. Nanti gue pergi, gue review ye. Tapi harap maklumlah. Lauk gue sama je. Cuma dapat bandingkan servis, rasa dan harga je lah. Hehe. Okay lah, gue nak minta diri dulu. Bulan puasa buat food review ni agak mencabar iman. Heh. Enjoy the pictures. Sekian.

*ikan siakap masak 3 rasa*

*ikan siakap bakar berlada*

*sotong goreng tepung*

*air kelapa*

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Pre-Loved & Charity Sale by #AdraLaKayena

I have dreams. Dreams to do charity without any worries of own income. Dreams to build shelters for the less fortunates. Dreams to sponsor children for education. It sort of brings calmness in me. Dosa pun banyak lagi. This is one of the ways I could do to increase my deeds. Some people may be rewarded Jannah due to their deeds of prayers, zikrullah, sunnah, fast, etc. Who knows that I may be rewarded by the act of giving. Wallahualam. I always pray to ensure my intentions are right, there's no riak in my doing my deeds, etc. It's hard when you're doing the deeds with people around you. Those issues may occur. But I know I couldn't make it all alone. We need families and friends to enable our mission to be accomplished. We also can share our rewards together for the deeds done. It's a positive matter that we should invite and encourage people to do. All for lillahi taala.

So, the Adras came out with the idea to help the Syrian family refugees residing here in Malaysia and also the people of Palestine. We decided to gather used and brand new clothes, electrical appliances, accessories, home decorations, books and many more. We also welcome those who wanted to drop their belongings. We learned that raising fund was never easy. We went through challenges in making it a reality. We even thought of giving up and postponing it. But Alhamdulillah, we made it.

We weren't sure of the crowd during the day. But we stayed. Alhamdulillah, we got positive feedbacks. We raised fund to almost RM2000 on that day. Thanks to those who came and supported us. Thanks to Aman Palestine and Mercy Mission too. We also held sharing sessions with sis Ayesha Syahira and sis Maria Elena. What a bless for having them with us sharing their experience and knowledge on Islam.

There will be the second edition of our project but just wait for the details. We have not decided the date and venue yet. Again, thanks so much to those who contributed and came. InshaAllah we'll see each other again. And here are bits of pictures taken at the event day and the day before. Hehe. We had iftar together at sis Maria Elena's crib. Thank you! :)

*BEFORE alah sopannya and AFTER masing-masing menunjukkan belang*

*let me go! Umi, help!* *kesian Nadrah kena culik by Aunt (baca : Kak) Farah*

*at the event day, wearing @shawlsuriy's signature instant shawl*

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Madam Kwan's, Midvalley Megamall

The first week I moved to Melaka, weekend tu jugak gue balik Key Ell. Bukan kerana manja windu homesick ke apa ye. *defensive ape hal* Sebab hari Ahad minggu tu first day of puasa. So, haruslah meluangkan masa bersama family. Hari Sabtu tu satu family jenjalan kat Midvalley Megamall. Kitorang lunch kat Madam Kwan's. Wajiblah melantak sebelum mengidam di siang hari ketika berpuasa nanti. Lagi-lagi di Merlimau, mana nak cari Madam Kwan's kat situ. Hehe. So kami sekeluarga pun entered the restaurant ready to baham everything. *astaghfirullah*

Gue suka makan kat Madam Kwan's ni sebab interior dia membuatkan gue rasa sangat romantic ketika hendak mengunta (baca : melantak). So, jadi intimate lah dengan family and husband. *gitew* Waiter/waitress dia pun guna alat canggih untuk take orders. Hehe. Makanan pun cepat sampai. Ye lah, dah tengah hari kan orang lapo. Wajiblah cepat siap. Takut ada pulak yang menyinga kat situ atas alasan tak dapat makan. Heh.

Gue order all-time favourite gue which is Spaghetti Carbonara. Padahal dulu all-time favourite Spaghetti Bolognese. Kuikuikui. Dengan all-time favourite drink which is Iced Longan. Tapi air gue dirembat oleh Si AFI! Mujurlah comel. Kalau tidak, siaplah. Afi pulak haruslah order Nasi Putih dan Ayam Goreng seperti watak kartun dalam rancangan kegemarannya iaitu Upin dan Ipin. Si suami and Daddy pulak order signature dish Nasi Bojari and ABC. As for Amir, dia memang takkan makan menu yang best kecuali nasi putih ONLY or fries di kedai melainkan dah sampai tahap lapar unta (baca : teruk). So dia dengan bergayanya order Fries and Fresh Orange. Adi ordered Chicken Chop. Adenin and Adelea each ordered the kid's portion of Spaghetti Bolognese. Mama and Amira (my cousin) ordered another signature dish Aromatic Ipoh Char Kuey Teow. Then, add on Sagu for dessert. Okay lah, gue bagi tengok gambar. Nah!

*Spaghetti Carbonara*

*Nasi Bojari*

*Aromatic Ipoh Char Kuey Teow*

*Chicken Chop*

*Kid's Spaghetti Bolognese*

*Amir with his fries and fresh orange*

*Afi's Nasi Putih and Ayam Goreng AND my Iced Longan*



Macam biasa, gue akan rasa semua orang punye makanan. Kihkihkih! Tapi paling best rembat Amir's fries. Dah dapat kakak gila kentang, nak buat macam mana. Personally, gue suka gue punya spaghetti. Banyak dan memuaskan hati dan perut gue. Cuma gue tak berapa gemar mushroom soup yang dihidang bersama kid's portion punya spaghetti bolognese. Bukan tak sedap cuma bukan preference gue. Yang lain memang terbaik! ABC memang sangat refreshing okay. Kalau tak sebab gue dah kenyang dengan spaghetti gue, gue pun nak order Nasi Bojari lagi. Nampak tak keuntaan (baca : kegelojohan) di situ? Hiks!

So, apa lagi? Serbu Madam Kwan's ye semua. Lagi-lagi di bulan puasa ni. Berbuka kat situ mesti best! And now I present to you AFI si AKTIF tak hengat dunia sebagai penutup. Sekian. :)

Friday, 18 July 2014

Of Charity Sale for Palestine and #MH17

Siapa free Ahad ni?
Jom join saya and the other Adras of La Kayena for our preloved and charity sale!
Nak sumbangkan items for sale pun boleh.
There will be sharing sessions with sis Maria Elena Zarul and sis Ayesha Syahira too!

Date : 20 July 2014
Time : 10AM-5PM
Venue : Masjid Al-Falah USJ 9, Subang Jaya

My condolence to families of victims of #MH17 and also, not to forget, Palestine.
Semoga dikurniakan ketabahan bagi mereka. Dan janganlah berhenti berdoa.

#prayforislam #prayforgaza #prayformalaysia

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Medan Ikan Bakar Wak Jos, Sabak Awor, Muar :)

Kepada yang mengikuti perkembangan saya *perasan*, saya telah berpindah ke Merlimau, Melaka. Saya berpindah ke sini atas alasan bekerja sebagai pensyarah di Kolej Komuniti Jasin. Siapa yang nak daftar sebagai pelajar, silakan. Pendaftaran masih dibuka sepanjang bulan Ramadhan yang diberkati ini. Eh, ter-promote pulak. Hihi. Okay, tujuan utama saya berkarya (baca : menaip) sekarang is to share with you all pasal satu port makan yang best ni. Ada cerita di sebalik penemuan tempat ini.

Saya ni dibesarkan dalam keluarga dari pantai timur. Jadi haruslah selera itu ke arah itu. Walaupun membesar di Key Ell, tekak tetap inginkan tomyam, ikan masak masam manis, ikan masak stim limau, sambal belacan dan sebagainya. Aiyoh. Meleleh pulak air liur ni. Dah lah puasa. Sabar. Saya memang suka makan seafood. Tetapi semenjak bernikah dengan si suami yang berlatarbelakangkan keluarga dari selatan, maka di situlah mulanya tanggungjawab menyerasikan (baca : men-serasi-kan) selera kami berdua. Si suami sukakan makanan berkuah seperti sup tulang, sup daging, asam pedas, ikan masin masak lemak dan sebagainya. Saya belajar masak lauk yang disukainya, tapi saya tak selera makan. Si dia boleh je makan apa-apa. Tinggal batu dan kayu je belum rasa lagi. Hehe.

So sejak berpindah ke Melaka, saya mendapati makanan yang dijual di sini walaupun berunsurkan pantai timur, tidak menepati piawaian yang ditetapkan. Saya pun kecewa. Mungkin ini petanda untuk saya kurus. Mungkin. Tetapi saya tahu Tuhan masih sayangkan saya. Dia menggerakkan otak geliga si suami untuk mencari dan berjumpa dengan medan ikan bakar di Muo (baca : Muar). Medan Ikan Bakar Wak Jos di Sabak Awor. Saya pada mulanya agak sangsi dengan kesedapan hidangan yang bakal disajikan, namun Wak Jos and crew berjaya menepis segala kesangsian saya.

Harap maklum saya berbuka puasa di Medan Ikan Bakar Wak Jos, Sabak Awor dua kali dalam masa seminggu ye. Kami order hidangan yang sama. Kali pertama;
- seekor ikan siakap saiz sederhana dibakar
- 3 ekor sotong goreng tepung
- segelas fresh orange
- segelas tembikai laici
- segelas air suam
- sepinggan nasi putih
- sepinggan nasi lemak

Cuba teka berapa ringgit? RM33++ je! Murah! Kali kedua;
- seekor ikan siakap saiz kecil dibakar
- 4 ekor sotong goreng tepung
- segelas fresh orange
- segelas laici
- segelas neslo ais
- segelas ais kosong
- sepinggan nasi putih
- sepinggan nasi lemak

Kali ni cuma RM27++ sahaja! Murah gils kan? Kalau ada daya, hari-hari nak makan kat situ. Kalau lah. Hehe. Servis dia pun cepat! Datang 30 min sebelum berbuka puasa pun akan dapat hidangan lengkap before azan Maghrib. Apa lagi? Serbu cepat! Dan sekarang saya serahkan tugas penutup bagi review saya dengan gambar hidangan yang telah dinikmati sebelum ini. Sekian. :)


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Super Colagen CC Cream Etude House

Gue bukanlah seorang yang suka dan rajin ber-make up. Gue pemalas. Tapi gue juga idok lah menafikan sifat semula jadi ingin cantik seperti wanita-wanita dan gadis-gadis lain. Kadang-kadang tu intai-intai jugak lah produk-produk yang ada di pasaran. Cuma tak istiqamah je dalam menempek make up di muka. Hehe.

Tapi gue memang suka brands dari Korea. Antaranya yang gue selalu usha is brand Etude House. Gue memang suka mask yang diorang jual. Salah satu faktor murah tapi berkualiti. Contohnya, gue beli mask dengan harga promosi 5 for RM15. RM3 je satu. Lepas tu dapat banyak tester lain. Memang heaven lah. Pandai mereka ni buat marketing. Bila orang pakai tester, dah suka, mesti lah beli. Pastu dapat samples lain lagi. Oh seronoknya! Hehe.

Kali ni gue nak review pasal Super Colagen CC Cream dulu. Gue biasanya tempek compact powder je kat muka. Tu pun sebab tak nak bagi nampak berminyak or kusam. Itu pun setelah ditegur oleh member masa belajar dulu. Kalau tak, memang gue keluar rumah macam tu je lah. Bajet memiliki natural beauty. Haha!

So gue pun try la Super Colagen CC Cream ni. Gue sebenarnya tak tahu apa beza BB cream, foundation and CC cream. Nampak tak noob kat situ? So orang tu pun dengan baik hatinya terangkanlah kat gue. Foundation tu yang kita pakai sebelum tempek compact powder kat muka. BB cream yang terbaru, acts as foundation tapi at the same time memberi khasiat pada muka. Better coverage. CC cream ni pulak kalau nak nampak natural beauty macam retis K-pop. Muka nampak glowing sikit. Macam tone corrector lah. Dia enhance kulit kita bagi nampak lawa. Hehe.

So gue yang teringin nak fefeeling retis K-pop pun try. Best sebab tak rasa macam pakai apa-apa. Very light. Based dia pun air kan. So untuk kulit berminyak macam gue ni amatlah sesuai. Kulit pun jadi ala-ala retis K-pop gitew. Tak caya? Nah, tengok gambar ni. No filter okay. :P

*sorry bagi gambar selfie dengan suami itew*

Suami itew cakap itew omey. Hiks! *sila tampo gue sekarang* So korang bolehlah serang mana-mana outlet Etude House sekarang. Macam gue, gue pergi kat Mahkota Parade, Melaka. Hehe. Dah jadi orang Melaka lah aku lepas ni. Okay lah, gue dah kehabisan idea nak menulis (baca : menaip). Sekian. :)

Monday, 14 July 2014

Appreciate Togetherness

Ceghitanya sepatutnya si dia balik Key Ell malam semalam naik bas dari Muo (baca : Muar). Tapi tetiba itew ter-drama queen kat dalam kereta tepi stesen bas tu. Terus si dia tak jadi balik. So, beli tiket malam ni pulak. Hehe. Sungguh riang hati hamba. Tadi masa nak hantar si dia ke stesen bas ada jugak plan nak buat drama lagi sekali. Mana lah tahu si dia stay lagi. Hiks! Tapi apakan daya, segala tipu muslihat sudah dibaca olehnya. So, si dia pun pergi jua. Sobs.

Sepanjang hamba dan si dia duduk berjauhan, baru lah terasa masa itu berharga. Bila si dia tiada, hamba buat perintah berkurung. Bila si dia nak datang sini, ceria seharian nak sambut kepulangannya di sisi. Kalau ikut siap nak buat majlis ada kompang bagai. Over ke idok? Hihi.

Kesimpulannya, distance makes us appreciate each other. It makes us appreciate our time together. Kalau merajuk sehari kan dah rugi masa. So, jangan mengada nak merajuk. Nanti diri-sendiri yang rugi. Heh. Ingat tau? Sekian.

Monday, 7 July 2014

The Duo #Episode3

"Kenapa nak kahwin dengan saya? Awak budak belajar agama. Awak tahu kan saya ni macam mana."
"Saya nak kahwin kerana Allah."
"Cliche betul jawapan. Ke sebab parents awak suruh? Or sebab ramai kawan awak kahwin muda?"
"Terpulang. Saya pun tak sure nak explain macam mana. Tapi saya tahu awak untuk saya."
"How do you know? Kita baru berkawan. Mula-mula memanglah semua indah. Nanti nak hadap muka masing-masing pun tak mahu."
"I don't know about our future but what I know sekarang, bila saya ingat awak, saya tenang."

She was still being skeptical to his idea of getting married. She liked the idea, but she had bad experience on relationship or marriage before. Her parents' was the main reason. She used to believe that relationship or marriage won't last a lifetime. She was always being skeptical to boy-girl love relationship. Even though she had the experience a couple of times before. At the end of the day, she would be the person who leaves first. She would never allow anyone to break her heart before she did. She was afraid of the feeling of heart broken. So, whenever she felt that something was wrong, she would leave first. To others, her actions might actually be immature. Running away from the reality. But that was her.

She searched the Internet on 'Nikah', 'Nikah Muda", 'Nikah Gantung', 'Nikah Khitbah', 'Nikah Ketika Belajar', etc. She did a lot of research on that. Somehow, her perceptions on marriage has changed a bit. But, she realized that she was not ready to be married even though she had that feeling of wanting the marriage like other young couples.

"Am I ready? Boleh ke aku? Is he my Mr. Right? Or am I really his Mrs. Right? Or rather anyone's Mrs, Right? Aku sedar aku ni macam mana. I won't go near marriage if sekadar nak bersuka-suka. Benda ni serious, bukan boleh tinggal-tinggal macam dulu bila dah burn out. Tapi takkan lah aku nak menambah dosa orang lain disebabkan diri aku yang entah apa-apa ni. Sedangkan kalau aku nak buat hal pun, aku tak ajak member. Ni dah lain sangat ni. Adoi. What should I do?"

She thought deeply into the idea of marriage, at young age.

"Betulkan niat. Seek for Him. Semuanya dari situ. If you're not planning to get married pun, always seek for Him. Then, you'll know."

She startled.

"A'ah kan. Nak kahwin kononnya nak seek for Allah SWT. Sebelum ni tak pun. Astaghfirullah."

Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Cancer #Episode3

"Farah ada appointment satu lagi tau."
"Appointment apa?"
"Scan kat leher tu."
"Oh, okay."

She made another trip to the hospital. With her father. They waited until her name was called. She walked into the room. She got ready as the officer told her. She lied down to be scanned by the doctor.

"So, how did you know about your thyroid situation?"
"What situation?"
"Oh, you haven't got your results yet? It's okay. Let's do this first."

She let the doctor scanned her with the ultrasound-like machine.

"Again, how did you start all this?"

She told the doctor the story of her going to the clinic for a medical check up. Which was supposedly for marriage application purpose.


The doctor called another doctor and they discussed among themselves. She didn't get what they were discussing.

"If ikut screen ni, agak suspicious lah. We'll send your report to the ENT department ASAP."

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Hijrah #Episode3

"We'll have dinner here. Is it okay? Pizza anyone?"

Everyone nodded. She followed them into the franchise. It was in Andong at the time. Pizza is one of her favourite food. But she's not sure on the food's status, in terms of 'halal'.

"Urgh! Boleh makan tak ni? Dah lah favourite aku. Adoi!"

She sat with the others. Everyone grabbed their slices when the pizzas were served in front of their very eyes. She can tell that her friends were very hungry at the time. So she was. She managed to eat vegetarian pizza, even though she longed for the aloha chicken. Plus, she actually never liked vegetables. But still, she was at guilt.

"Haih. Apalah nak jadi dengan aku ni."

She enjoyed the pizza. But the guilt was there. Guilty pleasure, she guessed. She knew she had lost to the lust and seduction of 'syaitan' or satan.

Another day came by. This time, it was in Seoul. They decided to have lunch at the same pizza franchise. The team were all excited and hungry at the same time. This is because the team got sponsored by the organizer on a trip to Seoul due to their best behaviour and cooperation in contributing to the success of the event. The pizzas were served and her friends grabbed them without any thoughts. She was actually gonna grab her slices too. This time she decided to just eat whether it's vegetarian or not. She lost again. As she was grabbing her slice, her phone vibrated. She left her pizza slice on the pan and quickly replied the message.

"Kat mana?"
"Kedai pizza."
"Oh, hari ni buat apa je?"
"Hari ni..."

And she told him about places she went, what she did, and so on. As she was lost in her conversation with him, she suddenly heard her friends gasping in awe. She looked up and looked around with a face expression with a question of what happened. She saw two of her friends crying. Another two were in panic. She looked at her friends at the next table. She then knew about what had happened.

"Ada pork kat pizza ni. Diorang dah termakan."

She kept quiet. But her mind was not.

"Nasib baik aku tak makan. Aku dah ready untuk tak ambil kisah kut tadi. But wait, sama je pun. Even though sebelum ni tak makan pork, makanan yang diorang makan sebelum ni sah-sah syubhah or even haram. Why when it comes to pork, semua macam concern sangat? Minum dari gelas yang sebelum ni guna untuk beer or wine pun diorang okay je before this."

But she felt sorry for her friends. She secretly felt glad too. Because to her, Allah SWT protected her from doing what she planned to do. She could have just replied his text while eating the pizzas but she didn't, unconsciously of course.

"Astaghfirullah. Alhamdulillah."

She could just recite those phrases at the time. And that strange feeling came in, again. That feeling.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Of Petrosains, Maleficent and Suria KLCC :)

Hari tu gue ada mengaku rindu siblings. Terutamanya yang paling sakit hati bila jumpa di atas sebab kecomelan atau kenakalan yang tak terhingga. So, disebabkan it was during cuti sekolah pertengahan tahun, gue pun bawalah adik-adik gue ke Suria KLCC. Tapi bawa yang 3 orang tu je; Adenin, Adelea and Amir. Adi dan Afi tidak dibenarkan mengikut sama sekali atas alasan busuk dan membahayakan keselamatan orang lain respectively. Hehe. Alah, gurau je. Adi dah masuk PASUM. So, busy dengan kelas. Biasalah, nerd kan. Kuikuikui. Afi pula dikhuatiri bertukar menjadi Power Rangers atau Ultraman atau Ryukendo atau yang sewaktu dengannya pabila mendapat peluang berjalan-jalan di luar. Biasalah, budak baru nak lihat dunia. Oleh itu, mereka pun tidak dibawa bersama sempena siblings day out tersebut. Kenapa Suria KLCC? Sebab Midvalley Megamall is too mainstream for them (susah dapat adik-adik demand ni). And also sebab gue tak ingin nak ke Sunway Lagoon atau Cosmo's World pada musim cuti sekolah. Tidak sama sekali. Gue juga terpaksa berhujah dengan adik-adik untuk mendapatkan persetujuan destinasi outing kami. Akhir sekali, the Daddy rules. Suruh bawa pergi Suria KLCC je. Why? Korang baca je lah.

Okay, cerita bermula. Kami bersiap dan bersarapan di rumah sebelum keluar. Jimatlah sikit perbelanjaan kan. Tengok-tengok kebetulan kami pakai baju bertemakan biru. Gitew sangat keluarga bahagia. Haha! Then, kami bertolak menggunakan Waze untuk mendapat routes yang paling tidak ada kena-mengena dengan traffic jam. Ini kerana kami keluar rumah during peak hours on weekdays. Maklumlah, rakyat marhaen biasanya pada waktu itu keluar mencari nafkah. Selepas sejam, kami tiba di kawasan berdekatan Suria KLCC. Kami parking kat luar je yang sekali entry RM10. Kalau tidak, menangislah kami kerana terpaksa bayar RM4 per hour.

*selfie sikit dalam kereta lepas parking*

Harap maklum kami tiba di Suria KLCC tepat jam 10 pagi. TGV Cinemas pun belum buka. Jadi kami terpaksa menunggu shutter mereka dibuka dan terus ke kaunter untuk mendapatkan tiket bagi filem Maleficent. Syahid dan Amir mahu tengok How To Train Your Dragon 2, manakala Adenin dan Adelea mahu tengok Maleficent. Oleh itu, yang bijaksana lagi adil (baca : Farah Adila) memutuskan untuk tengok Maleficent.

Kemudian, kami berkejaran ke Petrosains. Yes, inilah reason utama ke Suria KLCC. Kami yang menurut perintah ke Petrosains. Lagipun murah tiketnya. Nah, tengok rates dia. Kami ambil family package and add on seorang child, so total spent was RM35.

Mujur kami antara yang terawal. So, tak perlu beratur panjang. Experience kami dalam Petrosains tak lama sebab nak kejar movie at 12.30 p.m. Lain kali if pergi memang kena allocate masa yang lebih. Tapi dalam kejar masa tu sempat juga kami try semua benda dalam tu. Nanti gue letak gambar ye. Senang cerita. Gue kalau nak ikut dari zaman sekolah memang banyak kali dah pergi Petrosains. Tapi bila gue pergi hari tu, ada banyak juga benda baru yang gue excited nak main sampai tolak budak sebelah. Hihi. Siap berebut dengan adik-adik gue. Bayangkanlah Syahid yang fizikal seperti bapa orang pun nak main slide. Kau mampu? Gue cuma geleng kepala. *padahal gue pun join sekali* Kuikuikui.

*gambar wajib dan tipikal keluarga*

*kalau rasa nak buat effect berangin-angin macam dalam music video, sini lah tempatnya.
"this girl is on fire...(angin-angin)"*

*zaman gue dulu cuma ada satu je*

*kalah budak-budak*

Mula-mula ada Dark Ride. Kat sini gue tak boleh selfie macam dalam kereta. So, akur je lah, Then, ada Petrojaya; Geotime Diorama; Exploration; SPARKZ; Oil Platform; SPEED; Molecule Nano World; Music, Art & Science; Teater Ungku Omar; and Exit Ride. Ada a few rides yang perlu kita bayar dalam Petrosains tu. Yang kami naik was Simulator located before Oil Platform. Rasanya RM3 per person. Masuk helikopter jadian yang boleh memuatkan 12 orang dan experience la 4D punya cerita dalam 15 minit. Then, Syahid naik another simulator located at SPEED. Helikopter jadian untuk seorang. RM2 per ride. Gue malas nak tunggu so gue dan adik-adik terus pergi ke slide. Haha!

*apa gue buat ni?*

*nah slide*

Personally, gue suka bahagian SPEED and Music, Art & Science. Why? Sebab kat SPEED boleh main lumba kereta. Kihkihkih. Kat Music, Art & Science pula gue boleh berseni secara intelektual. Gitew sangat. Yang bestnya, during school holidays, Petrosains akan buat holiday school programme. Masa gue pergi diorang ada buat educational exhibition about our excretion system. Geli-geleman gue tengok faeces jadian, muntah jadian, hingus jadian, etc. Budak-budak ni siap pegang and main-main lagi. I'm happy that the kids enjoyed their experience there. Adenin pernah pergi once sebelum ni, but she was excited macam first time pergi. Adelea and Amir enjoyed their first experience. Sebagai graduate from education field, the experience at Petrosains is good for kids. Bukan sekadar main kosong je trip ni, but diorang dapat belajar sains in a fun environment. Kalau lah sekolah boleh buat kelas sains begini kan best. Hehe.

Then, kitorang bergegas ke TGV Cinemas untuk tengok Maleficent. Harap maklum kami lapar. Maklumlah sudah tengah hari. So, gue bawa adik-adik untuk excrete urine (mentang-mentang baru keluar Petrosains) sebelum tengok Maleficent. Syahid pula beli bekalan makanan untuk mengelakkan perut kami mengamuk dan memberontak dalam movie hall nanti. Maleficent was okay. Gue bagi 3.5 over 5 for rating. Gue suka bila fairytale di-parody-kan. Yelah, dari kecil sampai dah kahwin asyik benda sama je kan. A good idea juga. Boleh educate children untuk dengar both sides of stories or point of views before concluding on a matter. Betul tak? Tapi yang scenes kissing tu lah yang perlu dielakkan. But what to do, Hollywood movies kan. So, gue cuma beri pandangan kepada adik-adik gue je lah. Mereka pun tutup mata. Bukan apa, gue belum ready and tak mahir nak explain things if diorang tanya. So, gue guna pendekatan zaman batu. Nanti dah berilmu sikit, gue gunalah pendekatan generasi Gen Y. Besides that, gue mendapati cerita Maleficent ni agak slow. Because Amir siap bersila menghadap gue tanya bila nak habis cerita, menyanyi (kau mampu?), ajak gue borak dalam wayang and main game kat handphone gue. Gue pun sempat online and update Instagram berkaitan kerja walaupun hakikatnya hari tu gue cuti. Nampak tak dedicated gue ni. Haha!

Next, kitorang solat dan makan. Yes, makan lagi! KFC. Bila perut sudah kenyang, hati pun girang. Kami menuju ke playground Suria KLCC tu. Gue dah penat. So, gue duduk ayu di tepi sambil memerhatikan mereka. Gue risau juga tetiba kalau kena culik kan. Sekarang ni bahaya. Gue perlu berhati-hati. Nasib baik Syahid pun ada. Don't leave our child/ren unattended. PLEASE! Gue risau betul parents zaman sekarang biar je anak-anak. Kita leka sesaat pun dah boleh menyebabkan hal-hal yang tak diingini berlaku. Our child/ren is our responsibility. Amanah Allah kan?

*selfie lagi lepas penat bermain*

*apa dia Abg Syahid?*

Selepas muka masing-masing kemerahan akibat penat dan panas, kami putuskan untuk pulang ke rumah. Tapi masih sempat beli ais krim dari pak cik motor jual ais krim sebelum tiba di parking. Dah lama gue tak beli ais krim kon atau roti sebegitu. Finally, off we went home and safely arrived. Nak cerita apa lagi? Habis cerita dah sebab gue penat dan hilang ingatan seketika. Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. :)

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Finally, the Adras are up!
InshaAllah this will be one of our media in spreading da'wah.
May this be beneficial to us.
Feel free to view :)

#AdraLaKayena #lakayena #lakayenalovesyou #TheAdraShares

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Introducing Adra La Kayena :)

Introducing Adra La Kayena.

View @farahadilasabri at IG and tap the pic to get to know each of them.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Love Note

I've never imagined to get to know her personally. I was emotionally depressed for months when I got declined by others due to my health state. And it was that time she chose me. She might not know that her tiny decision actually had a huge impact on me. It means really much to me. Not because of being a part of La Kayena. But being accepted and trusted for who I am. From then onwards, I started to gain my confidence again. I'm also blessed to get to know the Adras; Ili, Najat, Grace and Wani through her. Thank you, Kak Maria. I love you all til Jannah. Pray for my new journey in Malacca. Pray for my health as well. It's just a 2-hour drive to KL though. Nanti rindu-rindu, kita meet up ye. Ada project kan? Hihi. :)

Monday, 23 June 2014

Shepherd's Pie

At last! Got my shepherd's pie from Picollo Cafe at Modvier!
Sedap Kak Ain and Kak Asniey from CuteBites Shop buat.
I craved for this since April okay.
Mission accomplished! Hihi. :P

Friday, 20 June 2014

Popiah Sardin by Dessertzbymc

Hari tu gue lapo. Lapo bangat!
So, sementara nak mengunta nasi, gue lapah popiah sardin ni.
Sumpah sedap! Boleh buat snack. Makan-makan sedar-sedar dah habis.
Tak pasal-pasal kena pergi beli lagi. Korang nak?
Kat Dessertzbymc ada belambak. Check them out tau!
Okay, gue nak sambung mengunyah. Omnomnomnom! :P

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Employee VS Employer VS Self-Employed #Case1

To survive in life, we have to be able to provide needs, at least, to our ownselves. Be it by working with people as employee, employer or even self-employed. It all depends on one's preferences, passion, knowledge and skills. Whatever your category is, there's no right or wrong. It's just the path you take in order to live or to make a living.

As for myself, I started working as an employee as soon as I finished school. My first job was as a crew to a popular fast food franchise in Malaysia or should I say, the world.

"Kerja biar ikhlas. Jujur. Amanah. Jika dibayar mengikut jam, janganlah curi tulang atau ponteng walau seminit. Jika rehat sejam, janganlah lebihkan walau sesaat. Gaji yang awak dapat, akan dibelanjakan. Setiap yang dibelanjakan, akan menjadi darah daging. Jika haram, maka bertambahlah titik hitam di hati. Jika titik hitam semakin banyak, maka gelaplah hati kita. Maka semakin banyak dosa yang akan kita lakukan. Yang tentunya memudaratkan kita, keturunan kita dan orang lain. Jangan mencuri. Jangan menipu. Jangan gelap mata. Ingat dosa pahala. Ingat Allah SWT."

I remembered those phrases. I tried working as hard as I could. Well, that was my first time in the 'REAL' world. I thought it was ideal, safe and sound, harmony, etc. Well, I must say I learned a lot. About people, mostly. About habits or attitude. Either when dealing with colleagues or higher management's staffs, or when dealing with customers, or as simple as human beings.

"Rilek lah, Farah. Tak perlu semangat sangat."
"Aku lambat sikit hari ni. Tolong punch-kan."
"Jom rehat. Awal sikit tak apa je. Nanti masuk lewat sikit, bukan manager tahu pun. Suruh je member punch."
"Aku ambil makanan lebih tadi. Lapar gila."
"Ada lebih duit kat cashier, so aku rembat."
"Aku keluar jap tau. Cover aku."
"Malaslah nak solat. Susahlah."

I heard more than these phrases. I also experienced more on other situations. I was surprised. Shouldn't it not this way? Right?