Thursday, 24 July 2014

Pre-Loved & Charity Sale by #AdraLaKayena

I have dreams. Dreams to do charity without any worries of own income. Dreams to build shelters for the less fortunates. Dreams to sponsor children for education. It sort of brings calmness in me. Dosa pun banyak lagi. This is one of the ways I could do to increase my deeds. Some people may be rewarded Jannah due to their deeds of prayers, zikrullah, sunnah, fast, etc. Who knows that I may be rewarded by the act of giving. Wallahualam. I always pray to ensure my intentions are right, there's no riak in my doing my deeds, etc. It's hard when you're doing the deeds with people around you. Those issues may occur. But I know I couldn't make it all alone. We need families and friends to enable our mission to be accomplished. We also can share our rewards together for the deeds done. It's a positive matter that we should invite and encourage people to do. All for lillahi taala.

So, the Adras came out with the idea to help the Syrian family refugees residing here in Malaysia and also the people of Palestine. We decided to gather used and brand new clothes, electrical appliances, accessories, home decorations, books and many more. We also welcome those who wanted to drop their belongings. We learned that raising fund was never easy. We went through challenges in making it a reality. We even thought of giving up and postponing it. But Alhamdulillah, we made it.

We weren't sure of the crowd during the day. But we stayed. Alhamdulillah, we got positive feedbacks. We raised fund to almost RM2000 on that day. Thanks to those who came and supported us. Thanks to Aman Palestine and Mercy Mission too. We also held sharing sessions with sis Ayesha Syahira and sis Maria Elena. What a bless for having them with us sharing their experience and knowledge on Islam.

There will be the second edition of our project but just wait for the details. We have not decided the date and venue yet. Again, thanks so much to those who contributed and came. InshaAllah we'll see each other again. And here are bits of pictures taken at the event day and the day before. Hehe. We had iftar together at sis Maria Elena's crib. Thank you! :)

*BEFORE alah sopannya and AFTER masing-masing menunjukkan belang*

*let me go! Umi, help!* *kesian Nadrah kena culik by Aunt (baca : Kak) Farah*

*at the event day, wearing @shawlsuriy's signature instant shawl*

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