Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Kolej Komuniti Jasin Melaka

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera. *sapu habuk jap* Maaf dah lama tak update due to workloads. Bila ada kesempatan ni, I really need to update at least one post sebab ada yang dah berbunyi tentang ketebalan sawang di muka blog ini. Hehe. :P

Well, I have lots to update actually tapi I would wanna share on me being a lecturer at Kolej Komuniti Jasin Melaka first. Why? Because I'm going through a new phase in life over there (coz I'm in KL right now) and the new experience is very different from what I did before. It's only 2 months and I enjoyed the journey for now. Well, some people have questions. They always ask the question of why. So, here's my answers to the FAQs. :)

1. Why do you change on what you do for a living?
Well, I don't change on what I'm doing for a living. The fashion and entrepreneurship industries are what I get involved into during my study years and I love involving in it so much even until to this very second. It's just that I was under a scholarship during my study years and I got called to serve the government as per the agreement contract.

2. What do you actually do now?
I'm a full time lecturer mainly teaching English subject. I do teach other subjects under the general studies unit too. I also like to da'wah in my own way. So, I guess this is Allah's way of giving me the opportunity for what I wanted to do before. Besides that, I always have my own mission to help the nation. Allah has the best plan for me. He sent me to a place where I can literally help our anak bangsa in lots of ways. May Allah ease my journey here. I wouldn't wanna elaborate more on this because I really don't know what will happen yet but if I ever get the outcome, I will actually reflect and share the beauty of it with you.

3. So you totally quit your business?
I wouldn't say I quit because I'm actually working on a project right now. Even though the progress is rather slow but I will make sure to make it happen. What project? You'll see so stay tuned.

4. Is Kolej Komuniti Jasin Melaka a private college?
No, it's a government learning institution just as other IPTAs under the Ministry of Education Malaysia. You can even apply to community colleges through UPU. But most people are not aware of our existence yet. For your information, we have over 90 community colleges all over Malaysia. It has been over 10 years since the first one was built.

5. What courses are offered in community colleges?
It depends on the community colleges. As for Kolej Komuniti Jasin Melaka, we offer you 4 courses which are Sijil Multimedia Kreatif Pengiklanan, Sijil Sistem Komputer dan Sokongan, Sijil Pelukis Pelan Senibina dan Sijil Akauntasi. There are 3 semesters in 1 year and the courses offered requires the students to complete their courses within 4 semesters. Some community colleges even have Diploma courses.

6. Who can enter community colleges?
Any Malaysian citizen who passes SPM regardless of age, whether it's 18 or even 45. Occasionally, we also offer a special program for any Malaysian citizen who did not pass the SPM to undergo a 2-month course in order to enable them to further their study to the next level (certificate).

7. After the students have finished their study, where can they go?
They can always further their study to the next level. Diploma -> Degree -> Masters Degree -> PhD. Just as the others. Or they can even work. In community colleges, we focus more on skills rather than philosophical  or theoretical approach.

Okay, enough on the FAQs. As I go along my life with Kolej Komuniti Jasin Melaka, I will update you on what's happening now and then. I do update frequently via Instagram. So follow me if you feel this blogpost is not enough (perasan). Before I end this post, feel free to browse around the web of Kolej Komuniti Jasin Melaka ( LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Twitter. Thank you. :)

P/S : Ambassador sangat. :P

Anda lepasan SPM? Masih belum menyambung pengajian di mana-mana? Jangan risau, kami telah menyediakan peluang masa depan yang cerah khas buat anda.
Pra Persediaan Sijil Pengoperasian Perniagaan selama 3 bulan, satu inisiatif khas telah diwujudkan untuk merealisasikan impian masa depan anda. 
Kepada yang berminat boleh menghubungi terus Kolej ini melalui pegawai seperti yang tertera di paparan iklan yang disertakan. 
Jom daftar sekarang. Kehadiran anda amat dialu-alukan.

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